Therapeutic Massage

For over 15 years I’ve practiced the art and science of therapeutic massage.  The bodywork that we will do together comes from my experience of working with thousands of clients as well as from continuing education in massage and bodywork that I have obtained over the years.

I work with each client to create the healing session that is most needed at the time.  That may be deep tissue, specific injury or pain resolution or a more relaxing, de-stressing and soothing massage.  Most sessions incorporate several styles and techniques to leave you feeling more balanced, relaxed and grounded in your body.

I’ve have worked with hundreds of clients to help relieve and resolve headaches and migraines, low back pain and hip pain, sciatica and sports injuries.  I also have worked with many clients with degenerative neuropathies and fibromyalgia to help reduce pain and inflammation.

My training as a midwife has given me an in depth understanding of the process of pregnancy and the postpartum period and it is my joy and honor to provide massage for people who are navigating this beautiful and challenging stage of life.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about a massage session, what to expect, or to schedule an appointment.  I hope to meet you soon!