Arvigo® Workshops for Health and Wellness

Self Care Workshop:

Self Care is essential to health and well-being. In this 2.5-day class you will learn gentle abdominal massage of the Maya tradition to enhance fertility, soothe digestive and menstrual troubles, support prostate health and more.

This 2.5-day workshop provides an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the abdominal and reproductive organs, the causes and symptoms of mal-positioned organs, and you will learn abdominal self-care techniques. This class also addresses herbal, nutritional, spiritual, and emotional support to ensure a comprehensive understanding of how abdominal self-care contributes to health and wellness.

This class is the prerequisite course if you wish to take the Arvigo® Professional Care Training (PCT).

Hands on Health:

This class may be scheduled as a one or two day workshop. In a one day class you will be provided with a fundamental overview of anatomy and physiology of abdominal organs, history and lineage of the Arvigo® Techniques and learn to apply gentle abdominal self-care massage.  A two day course allows for time to experience many of the other self-care modalities such castor-oil packs, meditation, pelvic steams and use of the faja (belly wraps).

One Day Wellness Classes:

A full-day immersion in self-care information and techniques. These classes are personalized, experiential workshops that focus on supporting specific aspects of health and wellness:

  • Well Woman – female reproductive health and wellness
  • Menopause – the journey of crossing the threshold of menopause
  • Well Man – male reproductive health and wellness
  • Digestion – trusting your gut for digestive health
  • Fertility – preparing for the future in mind, body and spirit


There are no prerequisites for any classes, and each workshop is open to every person and gender.

Please contact me at to schedule a class.

Minimum of 4 participants for a class to run.